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The Lake Victoria Challenge Trial & Symposium, which ran from Oct 29-31, 2018, brought together 280+ policy makers, drone manufacturers and operators, designers, entrepreneurs, local stakeholders and global thought leaders in Mwanza, Tanzania.

Event Program & Presentations

Advancements in Digital Fabrication and Robotics

William Maluki

Drones in the Lower Skies

Jonathan Ledgard


Judith Sherman & Dr. Michael Scheibenreif

Drones in Rwanda

Wilson Kagabo

Mobile 360 Africa

Dr. George Mulamula


Helena Samsioe

Medical Stores Department

Laurean Bwanakunu

Medical Commodities Deliver by AAVs

Matiko Machagge

From Drone Mapping to Drone Delivery

Jean-Christophe Zufferey

Local Manufacturing for Better Aid

Ben Savonen

Logistics of Drone Delivery

Dirk Rabien

Village Reach

Dr. Olivier Defawe

Towards Unified Traffic Management

Ayhan Kamil

Low Altitude Air Traffic Data for Safe Drone Flights

Manu Lubrano

The Future of Unmanned Traffic Management, Applied Today

Marc Coen

Building a Safe & Sustainable Drone Ecosystem

Robert Chicourrat

Rwanda's UAS Regulations

Andrew Mutabaruka

How ATC Interacts with RPAs Operating in Malawi

Chikondi Chadza

WFP Aviation

Cliff Sweatte

Drones and Tomorrow's Airspace

Harrison Wolf

Leveraging UAS in Humanitarian Activities

Philip Dawson

MSF Cargo UAVs - Last Mile Delivery

Oriol López


James Goulding

Heavy Lift Session

Kush Gadhia


Dan Czerwonka

Droneport Guidelines


LVC 2019 - What's Next

Edward Anderson


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