General Competition Questions (24)

This may be considered, however contestants must provide appropriate safety work and stay within limitations (i.e <400 ft)

Yes, however, each of three LVC Flying Competitions has different requirements, which each need to be met.

Use cases for the three LVC Flying Competitions can be found here

Yes, a terrain model will be provided of Juma Island.

GPS Coordinates and a profile of the landing sites will be provided to contestants that make it to the Phase 2 qualifying round.

Full registration opened on March 1, 2019 and closes midnight (GMT) on April 25, 2019. Potential competitors can pre-register by submitting an expression of interest. The expression of interest is non-binding and lets the LVC team know that you are interested.

There will be three (3) flying competitions as part of the 2019 Lake Victoria Challenge program. These include Emergency Delivery, Sample Pick-Up and Find and Assess.

There is a planned maximum number of 12 teams who will compete in the LVC Flying Competitions.

A schedule with assigned time slots will be given to competition teams, however, plans may change if needed according to air traffic and weather.

Please contact the LVC team here if you would like to speak with someone about the LVC Flying Competitions.

For detailed requirements, please read the Common Requirements and Performance Capabilities.

The prize will be a three (3) month demonstration contract worth USD$100,000.

There are three qualifying phases of the 2019 LVC Flying Competitions:nnPhase 1 involves completing a registration form, including a video of the drone in flight. Phase 1 closes at midnight GMT on April 25, 2019. Applications that meet the minimum requirements for each of the Flying Competitions will be invited to Phase 2.nnPhase 2 of the qualifying process involves participants providing detailed information about their proposed business case for the competition they have entered, including safety information. Phase 2 participants will be provided with detailed information on the sites and load specifications. The Phase 2 submission deadline is July 15, 2019. An expert panel will review each submission and select up to 12 participants to enter Phase 3. The Phase 3 qualifiers will be announced early August 2019.nnPhase 3 comprises of a live demonstration of the drone system in Mwanza, Tanzania, currently scheduled between November 25-30, 2019.

Competition teams will be flying in Class D controlled airspace, segregated from conventionally piloted aircraft with tracking via a UTM system.

Teams that have successfully qualified to Phase 2 of the LVC Flying Competitions will be notified and provided detailed information in mid May.

The judges will consist of a panel of experts in supply chain, aviation, safety and management from both Tanzanian and global markets.

The Lake Victoria Challenge has been created to advance the work of creating a sustainable drone ecosystem in Africa. Given this, each of the LVC Flying Competitions addresses both a challenge and an opportunity to augment mobility from rail, road and sea; to connect excluded communities, enhance the resilience of supply chains, and create new markets and services that connect urban and rural opportunities.

Yes, we will provide basic infrastructure. Teams will be asked to submit special requests for consideration as part of the building process.

3rd party liability insurance covering at least 1 m USD needs to be provided by contestants. More detailed requirements can be found in the competition section of the website.

There may potentially be multiple aircrafts on the range at once, however this has not been finalized yet. Please stay tuned.

Yes, there will be space to rehearse basic flight tests and limited time to rehearse the flight tracks. We strongly recommend teams allow time for practice and rehearsal. The landing and take off sites will not be the same as during the trial.

Flights may continue through slight rain.

The names of teams that succesfully qualify to Phase 3 will be published on our website.

Given the overarching objectives of the LVC, the number of flying competitions may vary from year to year.

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