General 2020 African Drone Forum Challenge questions (6)

The best way to find out more information about the 2020 African Drone Forum is to browse our website and to read through these frequently asked questions. You can also contact us for specific requests.

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The objectives of the ADF are to convene and promote the best drone ideas, practices and technologies for the continent, as well as to catalyse, demonstrate, validate and reward aerial delivery services that will transform distribution services in Africa. The challenge will also connect local and global entrepreneurs with regional decision-makers and strategic investors.

The 2020 African Drone Forum (ADF) asks what could happen if Africa was no longer bound by surface infrastructure. It explores new territory, made possible through advances in autonomous aerial technologies, and can significantly improve transport and mobility in rural and remote areas. Made up of a gathering of global investors, thought leaders and experts at the forefront of drone technologies, local African government, regulators, media and businesses, the ADF aims to build a global community and support industry while working through the regulatory and safety implications of this technology. Cultural effects on communities are also explored

Flying Competitions will be held at Lake Kivu, Rwanda. The Symposium and Expo will be held in Kigali, Rwanda. Dates and venues will soon be announced.

Tanzania has passed the baton to Rwanda for the second iteration of the African Drone Forum, keeping the focus on challenges in the East African region. nnThe Government of Rwanda and the World Economic Forum (WEF) have worked closely together to develop the first regulations on the continent that allow for drone delivery. The highly enabling environment supports infrastructure and policy frameworks that will accelerate the adoption of emerging technologies to transform people’s lives. nnRwanda has entered into a Public Private Partnership with Zipline, a US-based cargo drone company, to bring medical supplies to rural regions, and has also fostered private-start-ups like Charis UAS, a Rwanda-developed and operated commercial drone provider. Hosting the event in Rwanda will further promote dialogue on how to expand the number of use-cases for drones within a number of industries throughout Africa

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