Some of the most common questions posed to the Lake Victoria Challenge

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I am interested in covering the Lake Victoria Challenge in the media. How can I engage?

For media inquiries please contact us directly. General media assets, including media releases, images and videos will also be made available on the Lake Victoria Website in the near future.

Will the event be televised?

Yes, the event will be televised and both national and international media will cover the event.

Can my company participate in the expo but not the challenge?

Yes, companies may participate by providing demos and materials during the expo. Please contact us directly with details of you proposed exposition object.  

What is the prize for each competition category?

The prizes are 100,000 USD in cash for the winner of each competition category (subject to change).

How many teams will be admitted to the final competition?

A maximum of ten teams will be admitted for each competition category.


What is the registration process for the competition?

The registration process will open in August 2018 and companies will be vetted through this process. Competitors are required to submit documentation on their aircrafts and pilots to demonstrate that all requirements can be met. Furthermore, teams must submit a satisfactory SORA (Specific Operations Risk Assessment). Teams will be admitted to the competition based on the documentation they submit.

Can my team sign up for multiple competition categories?

Yes, teams may register for one, two or all three competition categories as long as all requirements are met.

How can I signal my company’s interest to participate in the challenge?

Potential competitors can pre-register by submitting an expression of interest. The expression of interest is non-binding and lets us know that you are interested. Full registration opens in August 2018.

What are the requirements to participate in the competition?

The aim of the competition is to showcase and test mature e-VTOL UAV technologies that have high potential of near-term adoption for routine use in the Lake Victoria Region. For detailed requirements to participate read the Common Requirements and Performance Capabilities.

How can I stay up-to-date with the Victoria Challenge?

The Lake Victoria Challenge Mailing List is the main channel through which important updates will be distributed. Please subscribe.

Why Mwanza and Tanzania?

The Regional Commissioner of Mwanza and the Government of Tanzania are committed to develop better transport solutions for their citizens. Standing as one of the most densely populated rural areas in the world, the shores of the Lake Victoria basin are home to over 30 million people who are ready for change – people who need to be connected not only to public health services and medical supplies, but also to wider economic and commerce opportunities.

According to World Bank estimates, Africa needs to spend $38 billion more each year on transport infrastructure, plus a further $37 billion on operations and maintenance to sustain its current level of development. A significant financing deficit lies between Africa’s current reality and the mobility that it both needs and aspires to.Cargo drones have the potential to leapfrog transport infrastructure for millions of people in the region while also addressing the sustainable development goals.


When will the events take place and where?

The Lake Victoria Challenge Symposium, Expo and Competition will take place in June 2019 in Mwanza City. The exact dates and venue will be announced shortly.

What is the Lake Victoria Challenge?

The Lake Victoria Challenge (LVC) asks what could happen if Africa was no longer bound by linear infrastructure. The Challenge explores new territory made possible through the advances in autonomous aerial technologies (drones) that can significantly improve transport and mobility in rural areas.

A gathering of global investors, thought leaders and experts at the forefront of drone technologies with African governments, regulators, media and businesses, the LVC will build a global community and support industry while working through the regulatory, safety, cultural and community implications of this new technology.

What does the Lake Victoria Challenge hope to achieve?

The objectives of the LVC are to:

  • Convene and promote the best drone ideas, technologies and practices for the Lake Victoria Region;
  • Catalyse, demonstrate, validate and reward aerial delivery services that will transform distribution services in Africa; and
  • Connect local and global entrepreneurs with regional decision makers and strategic investors.

How can I or my organization get involved as a sponsor?

Opportunities exist to be a part of global change with this historic event. Different structures have been developed to accommodate donors, sponsors, event partners and competition participants. Please contact us directly to find out how you can best support the LVC.